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Here the main stages of used cothing processing.



We buy used clothing from italian principal cities.

When used clothes reach our warehouse we make a pre-selection to get off plastic/paper that normally contain clothing. During this process we also take off the not texitle waste, percentage based on the recycling education degree of people.

After the pre-selection we sanitize clothing inside the OZONE system with hermetic seal.


After the sanitation we select clothing per quality and gender according to destination market requests.


After the selection, the clothes are packed in transparent bags or in bales with different degrees of pressing, to facilitate loading on containers and optimize long-distance transport costs.
The packaging methods are always agreed with the customer during the purchase of the goods.

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Telefono: +39 0828 871085
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Per grandi quantità di prodotti, possiamo valutare richieste di lavorazioni su misura, adatte al mercato di destinazione.
Insieme troveremo la migliore soluzione nel rispetto dei prezzi concordati e dei tempi di consegna previsti.

For big quantities we can evaluate particular selections according your market requests. Together we will find the best solution to respect agreed prices and delvery times.

Nous pouvons évaluer demandes des sélections adaptées à votre marché sur grandes quantités.

Ensemble nous allons trouver la meilleure solution pour respecter les prix et le délai de livraison convenu.